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Welcome to Newcastle-Advertiser. A full colour booklet promoting our local businesses is produced in runs of 10,000 with targeted deliveries and prime display sites  makes this one of the most cost effective advertising medias in the area.

The booklet is in quality gloss paper in full colour at  pocket size A5.

Not only does it contain local adverts but local information that is of value to the end user. Unlike leaflet drops, people access them from local businesses and community venues. If you don't want one then you dont pick one up. Others are offered at points of social gathering as well as Metro Stations to people on there way to and from work. Were not local printers but local business people pooling our advertising budgets together and giving the customer what they want. You offer them to your customers as well. each booklet contains over 40 advertisers so you get circulation 40 times your own effort.

If you dont win then we dont neither. Each booklet run caters for a maximum of 50 advertisers. Existing advertisers are given priority for the next run. Can you afford to miss out.

Still unsure - Price up a 10,000 full colour leaflet print run.This quality can cost £400. Next , get a cost for delivering it - probably around £30/1000), Thats £700 alone. Now add some community content - this is critical for the end user wanting to keep the Magazine.

The Newcastle-Advertiser is a Free local A5 handy sized magazine delivered to homes and businesses in the Newcastle area.

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